Monday, January 7, 2013


A trivial mobile mapping app, tying together the best of Leaflet, jQuery Mobile, and Phonegap/Cordova. This will form the framework for our future generations of mobile apps at GreenInfo Network.

For the narrative, I'll simply quote from the README file:

A starting framework for mobile maps using Cordova/Phonegap. A minimal but functional, standalone mobile app from which to build your own creations.
This app is designed for Phonegap/Cordova, therefore it is HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
Components of this app:
  • HTML/CSS/JS layout -- The app is ready to compile and run via Phonegap.
  • config.xml -- The app is ready to upload to Phonegap Build. The included config.xml specifies permissions, icons and splash screens, and more in an easy-to-edit template.
  • jQuery Mobile -- A mobile-style user interface theme. Includes jQuery which makes JavaScript useful.
  • Leaflet -- Quick, pretty, easy tiled maps.
  • imgcache.js -- Cache Leaflet tiles to device storage, for offline use.

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