Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mobile Development with Cordova (Phonegap): Preface

Thanks a million to GreenInfo Network, my employer who has funded this time to write out what I've learnedand then to share it with you. Cordova takes a lot of the tough part out of mobile development, allowing you to program a phone like a browser.

There are plenty of books out there on the topic, but none of them that I've read have covered the whole process in detail. There are whole chapters on JavaScript's if and switch and function statements, but nothing about how to sign your APK or archive and sign an IPA file; whole chapters on what a hybrid app is, but no mention of the Apple Store refusing to approve an app unless you set the Don't Back Up metadatum on downloaded JSON files.

So, here it is: 14 chapters based on our real-world experience. It'll be a bit light on "How to program in JavaScript" because that's your problrm, but it will cover the dirty topics nobody else has touched.

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