Wednesday, January 7, 2015

BattleTech Calculator

I finally released a personal app, as opposed to my usual map-based ones for work -- a calculator for the board game BattleTech.

In this board game from the 80s, giant robots run around blowing each other up. It involves a lot of dice and a fair amount of math; not simple, but tedious. It's so tedious we really did spend 5 hours going back and forth counting on our fingers, looking at the rules, losing our place as far as which fingers were which, ...

So, the calculator is a nice selector-based and checkbox-based tool: pick your target's status, your status, and whether there are trees in the way, and voila. It turned 5 hours of finger-counting into 2.5 hours of roboty-blowey-uppy action.

So, if you're interested:

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