Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rasberry Pi v2 is awesome

For some months, I have been hosting my personal websites at home. Back in the 90s and the Noughties, a lot of nerd kids did that. A PC on the shelf, your ISDN, and a static IP. Not a lot of that anymore, what with "real" website hosting being as cheap as the electricity of running a PC. Anyway, I do. I have a Raspberry Pi hosting my personal websites (well, just the one right yet: from home. And last week it got a major upgrade.

The Rasberry Pi 2 is a major upgrade to the CPU: an ARMv7, which runs safely at 1 GHz, and which has 4 cores. Contrast this with the previous RasPi B+ which has 1 ARMv6 @ 700 MHz. And the form factor of the SoC hasn't changed at all: same size and shape, same socket locations, just six times the CPU.

Frankly, hosting on my RasPi B+ was not fun. Editing my FF pages was a nuisance, waiting 1 or 2 minutes for my Save to happen. Several times I strongly considered dropping the experiment, and just paying five bucks for hosting. But not anymore. The RasPi 2 is just excellent.

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