Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm not dead !

My goodness, have I been remiss in posting. March 14 is over three months gone, and was about my rather proud achievement of writing a Dougie-P in PHP. Well, a lot of good stuff has been in the works -- which is why I've been busy.

Some highlights and teasers:

  • A 14-chapter series on mobile development with Cordova/Phonegap , starting with a Mac and ending with an app published in the store.
  • A re-visitation of my line-joining algorithm, to make a straight line out of a jumbled set of line segments. Combined with Z data and Highcharts, some nice elevation profiles can be had.
  • And a word about my upcoming presentations at FOSS4G, which in 2014 is being held in Portland, OR only 2 hours from my home.

Yes, really, I'm not dead! Just working. :)

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