Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FOSS4G here I come!

FOSS4G is in Portland, Oregon this year, a mere 2 hours away from my home. Huzzah!

I'm giving two talks:

  • Wednesday afternoon (tomorrow!) I'm showing off MobileMapStarter. This is a starting template in HTML5, for a mobile app for use in Cordova/Phonegap. Copy, paste, and have a mobile app running in literally 10 minutes (5 if you use Phonegap Build).
  • Friday morning, Tommy Albo will help me present the Intertwine's Regional Conservation Strategy viewer. This excellent web app, lets someone draw or upload an area and get back statistics about habitat valuation, park land, etc. The idea is that city planners and land developers can become aware that the area they're about to raze is actually valuable, and find an alternate location.
Beyond that, I'll be meeting friends, coworkers, and colleagues! Stephen from Cleveland. Karsten from Seattle. Keith from here in Corvallis. Tom from San Francisco.  I'm sure most attendees will agree, that hobnobbing with map nerds, is at least as great as the organized talks and events. :)

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