Sunday, September 14, 2014

MobileMapStarter 1.1.1

Due to the surprising popularity of MobileMapStarter at FOSS4G, I pushed through a few things I'd been meaning to do, added a license, etc. I'll just quote from the release blurb:

Get a jumpstart on building your mobile mapping application!
MobileMapStarter is a ready-to-run Cordova/Phonegap application. It combined jQuery Mobile and Leaflet, as well as a host of workarounds, considerations, utility functions, etc. to get you running a mobile app in minutes.
1.1.1 improves upon 1.1.0 in the following ways:
  • Includes the whole Cordova release known stable at this time (incl the File plugin specifically @1.0.1) so this thing really is ready to rock.
  • Various documentation updates.
  • Added a license (MIT) and clarified licenses, added required Leaflet license (etc.) to generated app
  • Replaced the geocoder from Bing to Nominatim, to avoid potential TOU issues

Thanks so much for the interest. It was very encouraging, and I feel jazzed. :)

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